Demand Congress Investigate the IRS Scandal!!

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Demand Congress Investigate the IRS Scandal!!

Dear Members of Congress,

A bombshell admission by the Internal Revenue Service reveals that they have been targeting Tea Party and conservative groups. I demand Congressional hearings to investigate this blatant attempt to intimidate conservatives and silence political dissent. The Obama Administration and the IRS must be held accountable for targeting conservatives!

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Disband IRS and implement a FAIR TAX.
It's time Washington is held accountable for its actions.
this scandal is an outrage and can destroy our country. someone needs to go to prison.
Since Learner doesn't want to give America her Emails or the TRUTH Then she doesn't need to GET or SPEND "OUR" (it's NOT obamas) MONEY. Hold her bank accounts & UNDESERVED pension Show her THE PEOPLE are the BOSS's NOT obama
This is clearly Chicago like politics coming to the White House, this must stop.