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Obamacare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Since when does the government have the right to FORCE it's citizens to purchase something. It's not by choice that I don't have health insurance. If the government would stay out of the pockets of it's citizens and those of private businesses we could afford insurance. DEFUND OBAMACARE NOW!!!!
Defund NOW!!! If it's not good for you, we don't want it either!!!
Do not fund Obamacare. Defund now.
LISTEN to the people !
Enough of the politics. Do your job.
Enough of the politics. Do your job.
Enough of the politics. Do your job.
If it isn't good enough for you what makes you think it is good enough for me?
NO taxpayer should be required to participate in any program that the entire congress and staff does not. If you want it, live with it too!
We can't live a wholesome now without having to pay the cost of obamacare! How can we live when we are forced to pay for it on a fixed income?
Do not pass any CR that funds any part of universal health care.
Our country can't afford another handout! Stop spending money we'll never have!
Obamadon'tcare. This 'it's not a tax' tax will bury us alive. Privatize insurance for fair prices and quality care.
No one is refused medical treatment at a federally or state funded hospital ER. No need to try and fix something that isn't broke. We had the best healthcare system in the world. People came from around the world to be treated in the U.S.
defund it and then impeach him
We, As in Millions of us will be leaving you Republicans for good if you are so corrupted and scarred to do what is right
First thing, "We the People", have done correctly in years!!! I just hope he hasn't secretly gone too far! :(
Jamming legislation through in the middle of the night and without opposing party participation is flat-out wrong!
Socialized medicine prevents handicapped, aged, and chronically ill people from receiving needed healthcare!
All that was needed was Tort Reform, Insurance to be allowed to sell across state lines and non-discrimination of pre-existing conditions. These three things would have certainly addressed the health care problem.
Obamacare does not fix the healthcare problems; it makes them worse and harms the economy in the process.
Wake up & smell the dang "SocialisticRats"!!! I'm sick of this non-chalantness behavioral of "We the People" being played like we're pawns to your chess game(s). D-E-F-U-N-D ObamaCare NOW!!! We the People can S-M-E-L-L tyranny. This is arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power. Sniff sniff...can you smell what I am smelling right now?! I'm smelling treason on the horizons,(if Obamacare is allowed). This is definitely a HUGE betrayal of our country if this Obamacare is NOT defunded!!! It's a violation,- waging war against us American citizens. This ObamaSCARE is a crime of attacking the safety of a sovereign state or its head.
Offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one's country or of assisting its enemies in war. In the U.S., the framers of the Constitution defined treason narrowly—as the levying of war against the U.S. or the giving of aid and comfort to its enemies—in order to lessen the possibility that those in power might falsely or loosely charge their political opponents with treason.
So again, STOP "Obamacare!!! Totally "Defund It" NOW!!! There, I said my peace...
this government is CORRUPT. kill it before it kills us!!!
There is so much wrong with this law,, a simple comment box Will never hold,,, looks to me,,, if this president,,, along with congress, ,,can have the right to refuse this healthcare, ,,, why can't the American public ??? That's like picking which laws to obey & what not to,,, executive order my butt, ,, we call this treason, ,, & should be delt as such !!!!
If you, as congress, opted outof obamacare, then we, asin we the people, should not be subjected to it or be required to accept & pay for it.
This was passed against the will of the people. We the citizens are not being represented by the elected officials. It is time to clean house .
If this policy does not apply to everyone, Period then it is not constitutionally correct .
Obamacare is not the answer. Defund Obmacare
If you don't vote to defund it, you own it!

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